Horror Masks & Scary Costume Ideas

Zombie FX Makeup

A brief guide to the tutorials available in this makeup section, also accessible from the right 'Makeup' menu

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This section has everything from the basic howto on greasepaint to contructing elaborate wounds and effects in foamed gelatine.

Before you attempt anything here, and certainly before putting things on your (or someone else's) face, you should carry out an allergy test on all of your ingredients, and prepare your skin for the application.

A good first starting point is the page on make up fundamentals. This is an overview from greasepaint to cream base, eyeshadows and eyeliner, with techniques for successful application.

The first call for more interesting ideas should really be latex skin effects. You can achieve everything from wrinkles and burns to rotting and flaking with this stuff.
As an alternative, or for more durable skin, you can use gelatine skin

If you want to start embedding props, prepreparing scars and wounds, or simply doing more elaborate prosthetics, you will need foamed gelatin

I am in the process of adding effects daily to this site. As of October 16th we have Skinless Hand and basic Gelatine prosthetic (unmoulded) tutorials. In the coming days there will be many more added both of latex and gelatine, so keep checking back.