Horror Masks & Scary Costume Ideas

From what shall we make the monster?

All the ingredients used on this site, from the cheap 'n' cheerful, to the pro-grade but pricey.

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This is a list of pretty much everything that will be used in the setups on this site. The first two sections contain basic ingredients that can be bought in grocery stores/found in cupboards, if you are doing zero budget zombies.
The third section is items that should be readily available in October in a range of stores.

All things in this list should be available at home (for nothing!) hopefully, or if not then the grocery store.

Here are the things you will need for the various fake blood recipes

These things should be mostly available in variety stores in the run-up to halloween. Out of season, you may have to go to specialist costume/party stores, or buy from one of the online stores suggested.

These links are to commercial products on external stores. These are suggestions for props and complete costume sets that can either replace or complement a DIY outfit.