Horror Masks & Scary Costume Ideas

What was your zombie in their previous life?

Although in reality most of us have nondescript jobs with no obvious uniform, for some reason Zombies usually seem to have been doctors, firemen and nurses

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Ever noticed how in zombie films the zombies are always in uniform? This could just be because of an excess of old costumes in production company storerooms, but I think there's more to it.

This is really key to your whole zombie persona. If you have a set costume you open up huge possibilities for imaginative causes of death, extra props, and face it, it looks cool to be dressed as a zombie cop.

So here I'll try and outline some of the main characters you may have thought of, with some pros and cons, as well as a few that might not occur normally

Zombie Costume Themes
  • Doctors work with evil implements
  • Potential for zombie-causing virus/infection
  • Goes well with nurse/patient for pairs of zombies
  • All you need is a white jacket. Stethoscope optional
  • Cause of death can be gunshot wound - good for FX makeup
  • Good prop potential - handcuffed to disembodied hand for example
  • Uniform not too easy to do cheaply
  • Burns are a great makeup effect
  • Fire axes good cause of death
  • Ladies like the uniform :-)
  • Costume has great initial 'wow' factor
  • Blood looks great on white dresses
  • Even in thrift stores, second hand dresses can be very expensive ($50 and up)
Sports Player:
  • Often have uniforms to hand. Cheap in stores
  • Some great props - hockey sticks, NFL padding, tennis racket
  • Lots of exposed skin (legs, arms) for protruding bones etc...
  • Can be hard to tell the difference
  • Can blend in to a crowd, peopl give you funny looks on the subway
  • Amusing cause of death potential - office stationery is easy to embed in prosthetics

This is a small selection to sow ideas. Think of anything in the 'what would you like to be when you grow up' type childrens books and you should have a winner.
Once you've picked your profession, you should be ready to determine cause of death