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Who and Why is Zombie Maker?

About the creator of this site

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This site was created by Tom Walsham, a web developer with an unhealthy interest in Zombies.

Due to being born in England, Halloween was a bit of a non-event. Having emigrated to Canada, I saw the crazy lengths to which people go here . I always had a bit of a fascination with FX makeup, but upon going to the 2004 Toronto Zombie Walk I caught the zombification bug.

I had steady traffic going to my costume tips site at zombies.tomwalsham.com, but that site was not really geared towards properly explaining things.

So, for Halloween 2006, I decided to make use of one of my Zombie domains (which i collect with Otaku-like enthusiasm), to create the primary web-reference for home and budget Zombie costumes. Some of the photos and tutorials are older, some newer, most are extremely experimental. I do not profess to be a professional by any length, and flash photography is not kind to many of the techniques here, but I am happy to show where things do not look right, and why I think that is, in order that your efforts can improve on my mistakes.

If you use any of the tutorials or ideas on this site for your own costume, please send me photos or just a note to say you found the tips useful (or not :-D). If you recognise me or (more likely) Cath at the Zombiewalk in Toronto, come over and say Hi, and shame me with your makeup.

Feel free to contact me about anything (zombie related, not spam please :-), using my email:
tom_walsham AT yahoo Dot Com