Horror Masks & Scary Costume Ideas

The Definitive Zombie Make Up and Costume Guide

Want to learn how to make yourself into one of the walking dead? Welcome to Zombie Maker, the finest tips of the trade in how to join the ever increasing Zombie Nation.

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gelatin prosthetics
Gelatin Prosthetics

Always wanted to know how to cast foamed gelatine moulds without scalding yourself? We've an online step-by-step howto on perfecting gelatine prosthetics for face and body.

Ingredients lists
Materials Information

Realistic gashes, cuts and wounds? Simply achieved with readily available ingredients - elmers glue, tissue paper, powder paint - or using store-bought makeup supplies - liquid latex, nose putty, fake blood, greasepaint. We give you the lowdown on how to get these effects.

Making your own blood? A range of recipes from the realistic (but inedible) to the tasty edible cranberry flavored gore.

zombie in stages
Step By Step

How do you finish off the effect? We'll show you subtle or full-blown Romero Zombie makeup styles - just a hint of white zombie colors and a dark eyeshadow, to full green dripping gore with sunken eyes and depressed cheekbones.

What will you dress as? Nurse, Doctor, Lawyer, Sailor, Workman, School girl, soccer player, Rob Zombie's Dragula perhaps? Anyone is fair game who could have forgotten their zombie survival guide on the day the ghost train rolled into town and the Zombie Apocalypse took hold.

Burnt Zombie Hand
Full Tutorials

Finally, when you're out being a zombie, do you run or walk? Dawn of the dead Original, or Dawn of the Dead 2006. Are you quiet like in Night of the living dead or a noisy, brains-hungry monster like in "Return of the Living Dead", maybe even a wisecracking stiff, like Stubbs The Zombie? Here different Zombie regulars will share their favorite zombie acting styles.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with either Zombie Makeup or refining your zombie character, or check out the list of materials